Monitor your artwork
anytime & anywhere

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Monitor at

Monitor the environment around your artwork at home. Check the illumination, humidity, temperature, ...

Monitor while
In Transport

Get updates on the location every 15 minutes. Get a notification when something happens, like a big shock or something major.

Get updates in

Check up on your artwork, whenever you want. You'll see the desired data in realtime so you can always keep an eye on your artwork.

The functionality
that it offers

Location tracking

Track the location of your artwork everywhere. While in transport you get an update every 15 minutes.


You have the possibility to setup a notification whenever your precious artpiece leaves a certain perimeter.

Shock and damage detection

Get a notification when a major shock is detected. You'll get notified when a shock or major movement is detected.

Light intenisity

Check the luminosity surrounding your artwork. Check if the artwork is not overexposed to light.


Keep track of the temperature around your artwork. Keep it form being damaged by heat.


Check in on the humidity in the air. Make sure it's just right for your artpiece.

Artwork protection in a little box.

Thanks to all the functionalities presented by the Artwork Monitor you are certain your artwork is in good hands. If you do not trust something you can just check it. The artpiece will always be in the right conditions and you'll always know where it is.

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Check in with the
easy to use interface

The Artwork Monitor allows for effortless access to crucial data, with an intuitive interface that makes it easy to interpret and ensure optimal conditions for preservation. Say goodbye to complex and labor-intensive monitoring methods, and hello to hassle-free art conservation with the Artwork Monitor's state-of-the-art interface.

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Go to My ArtAssistant and create your account.


Order an Artwork Monitor and try it within days.

Technical info &
device specifications

Technical Information
Communication Protocol The Artwork Monitor makes use of the LoRa-network for communication with the user interface
IP-56 Rating The Artwork Monitor is considered dust and water resistant thanks to its IP56 rating.
Device specifications
Battery life Thanks to the 1300mAh Lipo battery, we can ensure a battery life up to 5 years.
Rechargable Battery Whenever your battery dies, you can easily charge it back up with an attachement.
Dimensions The small measurements of 79x28x23mm make it possible to hang you Artwork Monitor almost everywhere.
Weight Thanks to the minimal weight of 65 grams, you can place the Artwork Monitor nearly everywhere.
Alarm The sensor is equiped with an alarm, that when triggerd makes loud noise.
Alarm Light When the alarm is triggerd, a light will start to blink.